Wednesday, 30 November 2011

We can have fun too!

Simply because it makes me laugh, a photo of my friend and I messing about on the sandy shore in Roscoff after finding something that looked like a fin!


I handed in my first piece of coursework for the MSc on Monday... Since then I've been finding it very difficult to get myself motivated for the next piece... it's a big one too! 5000 words due for a Marine Environmental Case Study - I've gone for an essay on "Marine Renewable Energy Devices: Just how environmentally benign are they?" I'm quite into it if I'm honest, but there's not a chance in hell that I'm going to get it done for Friday [it's only a draft thankfully].

My essay that I handed in on Monday was a 3000 word assessment of human impacts on coldwater coral reefs using Lophelia pertusa in northwest Atlantic Ocean, Norwegian and North Sea. It was supposed to only be in the North Sea originally but that kind of ignored the Darwin Mounds, an important area of L.pertusa just off the northwest of Scotland... plus within the North Sea, prior to the decommissioning of an oil and gas platform, L.pertusa hadn't even been found there!

So, my fingers [and toes] are crossed that I get a decent mark on that first one. I was a bit bored writing it... I know I know I should've picked a topic that I was really into but I just don't have a clue. This one I quite like investigating since it is something I'd actually quite like to get into once I've finished my MSc.

We'll see anyway.