Sunday, 30 October 2011

New start.

I think it gets to the stage where you've finished flickering between this and that and you really need to just settle for one thing, right? I've been using Tumblr for my daily blogging needs (usually involves rambling about my day, reblogging other photos and doing this and that). I decided to create a subblog (of sorts) which is named (rather unoriginal I know) the same as this blog, ocean-defender. Whilst I'll still keep my Tumblr for the random general crap I go on about I thought I'd retrace my steps and rejoin 'blogger'...
... Okay, that's pretty much just rambling again... Ignore me.

I'm 21 years old, a recent graduate of the University of Plymouth where I studied BSc Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology. I obtained a First Class Hons (go me!) and got my dissertation paper 'published' onto the Plymouth Student Scientist (click the link to be sent to the volume it is in). I'm now currently at the University of York studying MSc Marine Environmental Management and loving it.

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