Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dissertation presentations, oh the stress.

Oh my goodness me, these past few weeks have been hectic and I've not really had much time to myself to write anything in this here blog. I've also started up another blog (completely irrelevant to marine biology but more my life, dreams, food (lots of it) and potential future projects) >> Love travel. Love food. Love life.

So I'm in the midst of my dissertation. I've actually just come back from the first day of presentations, I was presenting last and let me tell you that me and public speaking really don't work very well. I honestly felt like I was about to jump out of that window had my legs not turned to complete jelly. I need to get over this, but the nerves just kick in, my throat goes all dry, my heat rate goes about 1000 bpm and then I feel like I can't actually construct a sensible sentence. Oh well. It went okay I guess. I rambled for the first few slides and then felt that I really got into it (just about). I did learn a few things about my actual study though so that's reassuring.

I do also realise that I have to practically re-write and re-do my dissertation (as it stands at the moment anyway). It shouldn't take too long to rectify and I can add in some cracking information about the Bristol Channel. Anyway, I can't reveal all just yet... I'm going to make this an amazing paper, just you wait :)

Back on hiatus again... For now anyway. My dissertation is due in on the 25th (my birthday - la la) so I should try and do an update near then.

Au revoir! 

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