Wednesday, 8 August 2012

EMS Project: Maps galore

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been working ridiculously hard with my old pal GIS trying to formulate some maps and whatnot for the EMS project I am currently working on. Thus far I have created a few maps with general species abundances (it looks very messy and almost looked like a child's birthday party, i.e. with a lot of brightly coloured 'balloons' all over the shop).

AVERAGE bird abundances and distribution per site, there are six.
N.B. Legend not present due to crazy amount of data. It needed messing with.
Pushing that aside (for now), I decided to have a look at recreational activities both from the Excel spreadsheet and the photocopied annotated survey sheets so I could gauge approximate distribution of activity per site. Again, I've done this using the large 1:50,000 OS map to look at the generalised picture rather than each localised site...

That's better with a legend.
I can use these shapefiles for the localised maps since they're pretty much in the right locations anyway. I may have to have a fiddle around with some mind. I was also thinking of splitting up the EMS activity maps into two - shore-based recreational activities and water-based recreational activities. Then there would have to be one for fishing/harvesting/collecting since there are a few sea coal collectors, bait diggers, anglers [well, one] etc.

We'll see.

I need to create the shapefiles now for bird counts at the start and the end of each survey and to locate these on the localised maps. Then, somehow, I need to map on recreational disturbance. I'm sure I can fathom this out... There's a clever person hiding somewhere inside...

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