Friday, 20 January 2012

I'm still here!

Oh my goodness I feel like I haven't updated in forever when really it wasn't all that long ago. So much has been happening in my life (good things, don't worry) that I've just not had time however I promise to try and be a little more active. I was slowly uploading a post with some photos from my trip to the Lisbon Oceanarium but somehow my draft post disappeared (maybe it'll appear again somehow?) and so I had to start again. It's probably my laptop's way of saying, "Rach, you should be doing something more productive". Right. Right on.

Anyway, I'm going to see a woman who's working on the project at Teesside today (10.30am) to get a little bit of background about the wading bird project (previous post) and see whether I am interested in doing it. It's only a casual meeting at the university, but I'm still ridiculously nervous.

I'm also in the middle of filling out a questionnaire for an ecological assistant open day on the 2nd February with a company called TEP. They are based in Warrington (my home town) and whilst aren't based around marine or coastal ecology of such may allow me to build up on some of my skills that I have acquired over the years. I have filled out the questionnaire but I just need to update my CV (I need to make it more science/research based rather than a bogstandard "hey there, give me a job" kind of thing ~ I think this will be easier said than done...)

I'm away this weekend, heading back to Manchester to pick up my cat, but hopefully this will all be done by next week so that I can send it off before the deadline for applications.

Any other updates... Diving is going well. I've only had the one lesson so far but passed all of the skills which was good. I need to do some reading for today's session and fill out the little quiz (hurrah) which I'll most likely do now before I go to the university...

Ah, the update isn't of much interest but... I'm still alive! :)

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