Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mount Teide, Tenerife.

I know I know, not remotely marine (or coastal) but it is a National Park in Tenerife that we happened to visit when we were on our cruise over Christmas. I just thought to share a couple of photos that were taken on our day trip to see the volcano. Unfortunately we weren't on a walking tour (as much as I would have liked to do it) but it could have gone one of two ways - we could have got to a walking point and be told not to progress further (due to snow or bad weather, likely over Christmas) or we would have been fine (which, given the lack of snow - odd - would have happened this time round). C'est la vie! It was still a brilliant day.

Slightly random addition to the photos but... it was nearly Christmas and we got given 'Tenerife Christmas Hats'
You had to join in, right?

Mount Teide from our first stop off point, just above the clouds.

It was cold!

Back on the coach so apologies for the bad quality but... the clouds.

Mt. Teide and the clouds

"Cake" rock. Several different layers.

Mount Teide from our second stop off point.

Volcanic rock formation

It was very beautiful up there.

Volcanic rock formation with Teide in the background.

The weather couldn't have been better either, okay a little warmer would have been nice but we were expecting to need a million and one layers when we took these last few photos... I ended up taking off my fleece and walking around in just the light cardigan I had underneath it! We were very lucky.

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