Thursday, 1 December 2011

Appalling day regards to work.

I don't get what is up with me... I used to be relatively good at doing essays, collating information collected and generally really getting into it. At the moment my head just seems to be fluffed up with rubbish knowledge though and it is really beginning to get me down.

Currently I'm trying to write a [relatively small] section on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) plants used to exploit the difference between the warmer, shallow waters and the colder, deeper waters. I know I don't need to go into much information regarding how the system works (because a lot of people have dismissed it anyway, it has too big of an environmental impact) but I need to find a lot of information regarding the negative impacts it has. So far I've found one abstract from a paper in the 1980s predicting how a 40-MW plant located 1/4 mile off Kahe Point in Hawaii will affect marine mammals. I can't access the main paper (always the way) and the abstract doesn't give much away either.

I've done a small bit on the use of off-shore wind farms (in terms of effects). I need to do all the background info now before I go for my GIS practical, then this evening I can bulk it out with the effects on organisms..It's going to be a late night, I can feel it. Definitely time to stock up on some Red Bull even though I hate the damn thing.

Edit @ 14.42: Word count currently stands at 2000, meaning I have just 3000 words left to do.... "JUST" *laughs* that's the same as my essay on coldwater reefs, so I really need to pick up my game... I'll do 3 hours when I get in from GIS and I suggested another 3 hours tomorrow. If I do 500 words an hour I can get it done, but that's just awful and never going to happen since I haven't even got all my research together yet...

Panic sets in.... Now!

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