Thursday, 1 December 2011

PADI Open Water diving course.

I've finally made the plunge and agreed to do a PADI Open Water diving course at my local diving school in York, Overland Underwater. I've been e-mailing the owner of the school and she has agreed to charge me £315 (as opposed to the full £350) and loan out the DVDs for free (since I have already got the Open Water manual thanks to one of the instructors there, who also happens to be a course mate).

I'm going to be securing my place on the course with my friend next week (most likely) and so I'll have a quick drive to the school in Acomb so I can have a chat with either her or her partner about what we'd be doing.

The start date for the pool sessions is the 13th January (yes, that is Friday the 13th) and run for about 5 weeks (unless you need more sessions, free of charge) and then I think two days of Open Water in a quarry (lovely and chilly!) but I couldn't be more excited.

I need to do this, and then 10 extra dives before I can dive on the course over Easter. Luckily, we're going out to Egypt a week before the course starts and booking a 4 day diving course (£99 I believe it was) with two dives per day (8 dives in total). I'll just need to do two extra which I can either do by doing an extra day in Sharm, or I could do two more dives in the UK. I'll see what my coursemate would like to do and then set the ball rolling.

I'm so very excited about this. I've been putting it off for years and years and now I'm finally doing it.

I just need to buy my mask, fins, snorkel, slate and booties (I think that is all). I've already got a wetsuit which should suffice, we'll see.

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