Thursday, 8 December 2011

Dissertation topics chosen.

Potential dissertation titles were released earlier in the week and we had to have a scan through and pick some that we'd like to do. I've chosen five [so far] although this is likely to change. The deadline isn't until Monday thankfully [we have so much to do at the moment] but I thought it would be best to at least e-mail an idea of what I'd like to do, and then confirm it over the weekend say.

Anyway, I've picked to do one of these (fingers crossed).
  • Global status of fisheries for skates and rays
  • Historical analysis of contaminant levels in marine life
  • The biodiversity and ecosystems services value of eelgrass, (Zostera marina), horsemussel reefs, (Modiolus modiolus) and maerl beds in the British Isles
  • Evidence for the effects of Marine Protected Areas on crab and lobster potting in temperate habitats
  • The impact of Marine Protected Areas on intertidal sand ecosystems

I still don't know which one I'd prefer to do!

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